>see girls here and there looking at me while im at the gym. >some cute ones

>see girls here and there looking at me while im at the gym
>some cute ones
>can't tell why they are looking
>maybe because im strong or because of how I look
>maybe it's not because they like me
>catch some of them looking pretty often though
>don't know what to make of it
>don't do anything
>like this for the last year
>never do anything
do they want me to break the ice? idk anymore

  1. 1 year ago

    Yes autist go break the ice. Try not to slip in your flop sweat on the way there

    • 1 year ago

      i get the feeling that i intimidate them because i look mean. if they like me why don't they approach?

      • 1 year ago

        How do you look mean?

      • 1 year ago

        they dont approach you bc you look mean and intimidating, stupid. it's your responsibility to dispel that by talking to them

  2. 1 year ago

    just get one of these op

  3. 1 year ago

    >people look at other people
    what a shocker

  4. 1 year ago

    they mirin' because you have better body than their boyfriends so they get a mental image of your body and then impose it onto their boyfriend's faces and heights when they get railed but make no mistake, they all will reject you if you try

  5. 1 year ago

    >in college
    >late to class one day
    >only seat open is next to this short cute girl I've been checking out
    >she's 5'4, blond with very pale skin and green eyes, petite with perky boobas
    >sit next to her
    >she drops her pen and it rolls down the floor
    >get up and get it for her
    >hand it back with a smile and firm eye contact
    >eye contact lingers, she smiles back and then looks down meekly
    >realize she's super shy because I've never seen her talk to anyone
    >we just sit quietly during class and then when class ends, we leave without interacting
    >next class, I sit in my usual spot
    >she comes to sit next to me despite tons of open seats
    >don't say anything or even make eye contact
    >we do this for 6 months, I look forward to it every time
    >never say anything but feel like ONE DAY I will finally say "hi" and we will start talking
    >decide to skip class once and go home early
    >get on the bus in front of campus - there is nobody else on it
    >go all the way to the back and sit down as the bus idles
    >I see her on
    >we make eye contact for 0.05 seconds and then I look away quickly
    >she comes all the way to the back and sits RIGHT across from me without a word
    >bus starts moving - we're the only 2 passengers
    >I stare out the window with my mind racing
    >she is forcing my hand, there is no way I can't talk to her now
    >5 minutes go by, is it too late?
    >bus goes under an overpass and we make eye contact through the window reflection
    >I quickly look down and then back out the window when the light is back
    >realize it's too late
    >feel my heart sinking as I realize I'm living through a moment I will regret for the rest of life
    >brain is screaming NOOO SAY SOMETHING homosexual!!!!!!!
    >can't do it
    >my stop comes
    >fumble out of the seat awkwardly staring every direction but hers
    after this, she never sat near me or looked in my direction ever again
    this was 15 years ago

    • 1 year ago

      Damn, I'm just as pussy boy as you. It sucks, I had similar thing and although it had like what 10 years ago it is still haunts me and sometimes wakes me up when I falling to sleep as a flashback and I get super super stroke of sadness fall down on me

    • 1 year ago

      >this was 15 years ago
      And it still lives rent free in your head because your body will punish you for that pussy behavior until you change that

    • 1 year ago
    • 1 year ago

      lmao, this is how my fiancee and i met except i capitalized on the dropped pen and started a friendly convo. much later she admitted to doing that on purpose to give me an opening. you fucked up

    • 1 year ago

      I got one similar
      >continuously caught a girl in HS english staring at me
      >would go out of her way to walk with me and my friends after lunch
      >turned her down in front of the class on accident because some short homosexual kept harassing me in class about her and brought up an old fuck buddy to make him shut up
      >girl doesn’t show up for the rest of that week
      >never apologized to her for that
      That was 4 years ago…

  6. 1 year ago

    Just ask - are you mirin? 🙂

  7. 1 year ago

    Don't overthink it OP. Women also love to stare at me but it's because I'm so fucking ugly. My face is like a care pileup you just can't take your eyes off it even if you wanted to.

    • 1 year ago

      that’s fuckin awesome

  8. 1 year ago

    When you catch them mirin you just smile back at them. It doesnt matter if you think you are ugly or something, just smile at them trying to be friendly.

    That smile will let them know you are able to talk to them but you prefer to be reserved. We know you are an autistic fag but make sure they never notice it

    • 1 year ago

      LOL I just forget to smile. Not op, but occasionally I have eye contact w girls on streets and wanna smile more when this happens (I heard ita good start for improoooving your social skills), my plan is just very slightly smile and give some warmth to my face, idk
      But I really forget everything especially if a grill is attractive

      • 1 year ago

        Same exact here.
        I can rationalize in my mind that I just have to smile at people all I want, but the moment a girl actually gives me direct eye contact in public I almost instinctively immediately look away like a bitch .

        I can't even hold the simplest eye contact, let alone to be able to do that and smile at the same time, and God forbid do all that and that try to approach and have a conversation as well. I'm beyond broken.

      • 1 year ago

        You have to smile way way bigger than you think you do. What you think is you smiling is more than likely a weird smirk that barely even registers

        • 1 year ago
  9. 1 year ago

    Nah wait until next summer, girls love a guy who has to spend years trying to say hello. Ideally your first kiss should be 5 years into the relationship.

  10. 1 year ago

    >literally had the same experience now that I've lowered bf% and do more hypertrophy
    >one girl blatantly stares that even I a person bad at seeing signals notices her staring at me
    >finally cold approach her in the gym
    >oh...i'm married
    You BITCH

  11. 1 year ago

    >think girl is eyeing me for a while
    >go to hit her up
    >"ugh sorry no"
    I now just assume they are looking at something in my direction

  12. 1 year ago

    >see girls here and there looking at me while im at the gym
    >some cute ones
    >finally muster up courage and hit them
    >they no longer look at me

  13. 1 year ago

    Yes, if someone gives you enough eye contact, give them a smile and wave. If they don't look away or respond negatively in some other way, you can go up and talk to them. Ideally, say something nonchalant and interesting to spark conversation. If you don't have anything great to say, being confident and just saying " hi how are you doing?“ is sufficient. If they're interested and not completely autistic they'll forgive any awkwardness and help keep the conversation going.

    You're at a gym and you're both trying to work out, not talk. So, unless you really want to end the work out early and she seems to also, wrap it up in like 5 minutes. End by making a plan for the near future: either invite her to join you for some plans you have, or exchange numbers under the agreement that you'll text and make plans.

    Repeat as necessary until you can go through these motions fluently and not clumsily.

    • 1 year ago


      This is the social work out most SwoleShack needs to improve their social skills.

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