Nausea when eating animal liver

I know it's a great food to eat, one of the healthiest foods even, but I can't eat more than a few bites, my nausea gets really bad and I'm on the verge of vomitting. My relatives eat it without a problem so I don't know if something is wrong with me or the way the liver is cooked. Anyone else managed to fix their liver nausea?

  1. 1 year ago

    Simple. Liver is fucking disgusting.
    Unless 100% sure of it's quality it's probably anti-biotic microplastic shit as well.

  2. 1 year ago

    >one of the healthiest foods even
    Nobody tell him lmao

    • 1 year ago

      Huh? Isn't that commonly agreed upon.

  3. 1 year ago

    why ru eating liver? disgusting food with dubious health benefits

  4. 1 year ago

    you are not supposed to eat it in large quantities. I prefer it in liverwurst or pate

  5. 1 year ago

    I see people in the west are really weak, unironically starving made me and my whole country being able to eat animal organs, aHispanic and basically whatever part of an animal.

    • 1 year ago


  6. 1 year ago

    then dont eat liver you DYEL tik tok zoomer nagger poser liverking wannabe. just eat chicken, deenz, eggs like a normal fucking person

  7. 1 year ago

    It tastes awful to me. Made my kitchen smell gross. One of the few foods I struggle to eat, I couldn't get it down. Does anyone genuinely like it? I never had it growing up.

    • 1 year ago

      I never ate it growing up but I like it. Just pan seared in butter with salt and pepper. Became significantly hornier since I’ve started eating it

  8. 1 year ago

    Fit bros there any other way to get vitamin a?

  9. 1 year ago

    try cooking it this way, I'm sure ypu'll enjoy it without gagging;

  10. 1 year ago

    overcook it so its not soft and chewy it but hard

  11. 1 year ago

    i thought liver and onions was a made up dish for that episode of Doug. it looks fucking gross, why would anyone eat that

    also why the fuck is 4chinz being so slow is keffals ddosing this place too

  12. 1 year ago
    Himbo Chad

    Americanz would not survive the upcoming nuclear holocaust/breakdown of societies
    Imagine feeling sick over eating normal food

  13. 1 year ago

    I eat liver daily. I do not eat it for the taste so I don't cook it, Liver is fucking disgusting when cooked. Try this:
    >Dice raw liver into capsule size pieces
    >Portion 2oz raw liver capsules in an ice tray
    >Keep liver frozen
    >Take liver like a vitamin ,swallow it and chase it with water in the morning
    Its very easy to get down this way, just make sure you buy it from a reputable source NOT in a grocery store in order to eat raw liver it has to be grass fed and grass finished beef.
    Plenty of online sources you can get it from where it will be shipped frozen.

  14. 1 year ago

    It sounds like you have a bad case of the gay. Man up sissy boy.

  15. 1 year ago

    I bought chicken liver from a chinese market a few months ago and it was terrible.
    I think the problem with liver is that you bite into it expecting something that's like a snack of meat but then the texture is so grainy and gross your palate gets shocked and you wanna throw up. I'd rather stick to poppin' multivitamins and not eat this shit

  16. 1 year ago

    That's because you got memed into eating liver, the worst animal organ besides intestines, heart, brain or kidneys.

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