Military fitness

How do the special forces or grutns in your country train like? Most here do high rep BWE (the usual: push-, pull-, sit ups) + long distacne running. However, they are also tested for standing broad jumps.

  1. 10 months ago

    Left mogs right

    • 10 months ago

      > your brain on lookism

  2. 10 months ago

    Our selection was as follows:
    >12 minute run test
    >Timed run for an unknown distance with full gear

    There were all kinds of other shit as well but they weren't fitness related

  3. 10 months ago

    He broke his jaw and got the jaw line from reconstruction and muscle growth from rehab exercising.

    • 10 months ago

      do you believe everything you read on the internet. Im jerking off to the idea of you right now.

  4. 10 months ago

    Which country?

  5. 10 months ago

    >put on heavy bergen
    >navigate across hilly terrain for a big chunk of the day
    >repeat for three weeks
    >do not fuck up even once
    >then go do some bullshit in the jungle

  6. 10 months ago

    Zac Efron is one of the most desired men on the planet and decided to fuck his own shit up like that? Mental health is no joke

    • 10 months ago

      US army enlisted:
      >do five mile run, 1000 situps, 15 kipping pullups
      >eat sloppa
      >fat wife files for divorce

      US navy enlisted:
      >sent to med for mandatory anus stretching
      >get dumped in the pool x5
      >Steve wakes you up with a boner

      USMC enlisted:
      >Vasques shit the bed again
      >DI decides to smoke everyone and makes you do 1500 pushups until everyone gets rhabdo
      >everyone has hyperthermia finally get to cool off, so you all filter in to the tear gas chamber
      >eat it

      USAF officers:
      >toss firecrackers at the airman basics doing SERE training
      >play recording of chinese kids singing while you lock the airman basics in a tiny box
      >some fag in a t-38 buzzes the base going transonic and blows out all the windows

      US SOF:
      >blast tren
      >do brosplit
      >snort coke and kill a noncombatant

      US PMC:
      >wake up
      >take acid
      >make sure your polo shirt is buttoned up to the top button
      >toss lawn darts you picked up from Goodwill out of your little bird while flying over local suburb

      • 10 months ago

        SOF sounds like the life

    • 10 months ago

      He's messing up his body with roids too, look at his gut. Dude was born with everything and decided to ruin it

      • 10 months ago

        his gut is fine. his abs have always been big and blocky, and as he goes up in weight they're obviously gonna get bigger
        not everybody has david laid-tier waistline

  7. 10 months ago

    the higher up you go in the elite scale (t1 fellas )the more they look like normal ass dudes (who can somehow run 20 miles in full kit or something)
    SF dudes are all in their 30s and 40s and are built like how you can guess
    Rangers are mostly tall and built
    SEALs roid and snort coke
    I have never seen a SWCC but I'd imagine they're like seals
    MARSOC are like Rangers but talk less
    I'd assume support SOF guys like aviation and intel are mostly normal dudes. Except JSOC's intel outfit, those guys are literally superhuman.
    >t. knower

  8. 10 months ago

    why did his mouth get wider?

    • 10 months ago

      Shattered his jaw and had reconstruction surgery

    • 10 months ago

      So he could suck more dicks

  9. 10 months ago

    His jaw is fine on the left, it's just his lips that got ridiculously bigger, homosexual probably got botox or something

  10. 10 months ago

    were the bogdanoffs just aliens that change hosts?

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