How much can you lift?

Can we get a thread to compare each others lifts and how long we’ve been working out?

I started 6 months ago being a complete novice.

6’0 230lb
Squat - 315lb
Deadlift - 300lb
OHP - 122.5lb
Bench - 187.5lb

  1. 12 months ago

    >squat that high
    >deadlift that low
    >bench that low
    >OHP that low
    god damn i hate newfags who fall for squat meme. you probably look like a fucking chicken.

    • 12 months ago

      >you look like a chicken?
      not OP but what? chicken legs implies he has super skinny frail legs

    • 12 months ago

      I’m one of those people that are genetically built with skinny ass legs and arms and all fat going to belly. I’m doing the best I can.

    • 12 months ago

      K bitch, post lifts and body then.

      • 12 months ago

        6"0 180 lbs
        Bench 350lb
        Can it noodle arms

  2. 12 months ago

    You have bad squat form

  3. 12 months ago

    5'10, 210lbs

    Squat - PR 585, current 495
    Deadlift - PR 675, current 545
    Bench - PR 405, current 375
    Ohp - PR 275, current 240

    • 12 months ago

      Damn that’s impressive. How long you been lifting?

      • 12 months ago

        Going on 8 years now

  4. 12 months ago

    5'11", 153lbs
    Squat 200
    Deadlift 200
    Bench 150

    Started lifting 3 weeks ago, i haven't entirely tested my upper limits because I don't want to injure myself.

  5. 12 months ago

    6'0, 180 lbs, been lifting for like 5 weeks now

    Squat - 250
    OHP - 135
    Bench - 190
    I don't DL

    these are all for 5x5, I don't 1RM

    • 12 months ago

      that is not your OHP 5x5. You are almost definitely push pressing and calling it OHP.

      • 12 months ago

        I looked up push pressing and no that's not what I'm doing, I'm doing it standing in the same position with my core braced and pushing the bar up

        • 12 months ago

          Because while OHP is (seriously) the easiest of the lifts to hit for 1/2/3/4 it's fairly atypical to hit it in a little over a month, especially for 5 sets of 5.
          you really should appraise what you're doing and make sure you're really doing the press properly. And if it all checks out, give yourself a pat on the back, man. It's impressive.

          • 12 months ago

            I’m pretty sure I’m doing it properly, but I’ll double check next time. I started at like 105x5 and just added 5 lbs every week.

            • 12 months ago

              I'm not saying you're not, necessarily. We all come from different backgrounds that affect what it looks like when we start out training. It could be for example that you had a job where you regularly had to push heavy objects overhead, so of course your OHP would be good when you start training.
              I guess if you're confident in your legs not being used to push pay attention to back angle and lockout. Film yourself doing a set and review it yourself (you don't have to post it here) to see if there's anything that doesn't look right.

      • 12 months ago

        >thinks a 180lb man new to lifting can’t do 135 for 5 sets of 5
        Why not?

  6. 12 months ago

    First week of lifting. Did 2 days of SS, I also did MMA 3 times this week so I had to deal with recovery. 183cm, 115kg.

    Just my working sets, not 1RM
    Squat - 75kg ( Squat really scares me due to balance issues )
    Deadlift - 90KG ( very easy, will add 10 more kg next time )
    Bench - 50KG ( somewhat easy, will add 5 to 10kg next time )
    OHP: 40KG ( can probably add 5 KG )

  7. 12 months ago

    6’0 180lbs
    Squat - 275
    Deadlift 375
    Bench 235

    Been lifting for an embarrassing amount of time to only have these stats. Something like 7 years, with 3 years of legitimate regimented routines and good diet

    • 12 months ago

      nothing embarassing about consistent lifting.

  8. 12 months ago

    I started going back to the gym a few months ago after a multiple years long hiatus, doing 3x5 stuff (I'd do 5x5 but that takes too fucking long). I'm not using freedom weight units.
    5'9 95kg
    Squat - 107.5kg
    Deadlift - 120kg
    Overhead Press - 50kg
    Benchpress - 70kg

    • 12 months ago

      imagine being 5'9

      • 12 months ago

        But anon I don't have to imagine it.

    • 12 months ago

      >not gonna use freedom units
      >lists height in feet and inches
      Dubs and you die from cock aids

      • 12 months ago

        >not gonna use freedom *weight* units
        I know Americans are bad at reading, but come on.

  9. 12 months ago

    Approximately 2 years lifting
    >Bench 92.5kg (my form was horrible for the first year and a half so it's very behind)
    >Deadlift 185kg
    >Squat 140kg (5 reps to box depth because my knees are fucked)
    >OHP 65kg

  10. 12 months ago

    Weighted dips 25kg for 7-8 reps, I weigh 80kg for reference

  11. 12 months ago

    I don't do 1RM
    5'11" 190lb

    ATG Squat 260x6
    Bench 200x6
    Deadlift 300x7 (grip needs work)

  12. 12 months ago

    Got back in like 12 months ago. Im doing my best with kids and work and stuff (we all got excuses tho. I do my best and I’m proud of it)

    Height 186 cm
    Weight 98
    37 year oldfag.

    Squat 220kg (set of 5)
    Bench 105 (set of 3)
    Ohp 70 (set of 4)
    Deadlift 160 (set of 4. Bad grip)

    I do PPL as it ties well into the 65 min I do in the mornings before I make breakfast for my kids. Occasionally I bring my oldest with me at 0500. I teach them basic form and cardio on the bag. Mainly to show them that physical excercise is a natural part of everyday life and bring them into my interest.

    Be at peace and keep improving.

    • 12 months ago

      How the fuck is your squat so big and all your lifts so shit?
      Today I 1rm squat at 140kg (bragging rights I can squat 3 plates) but all my other lifts are way bigger than yours.
      Genetic differences is something I'll always be insecure about. I hate seeing people with a lift bigger than mine BY A LOT. Today that 140kg 1 rep max felt crushing, I legit felt like I was going to fucking die.
      Height 193cm
      Weight 103kg

      • 12 months ago

        He may be a cyclist. I know when I first started lifting I had been cycling daily for like 5 years and I could squat 135 for 10 and only bench press like 85 for 8 at a body weight of 135

      • 12 months ago

        A 140 kg squat is nothing to brag about, especially if you weigh over 100 kg. Your squat is more shit than his other lifts are shit compared to his squat. At 100 kg, decent squats begin at 230 kg.

        He may be a cyclist. I know when I first started lifting I had been cycling daily for like 5 years and I could squat 135 for 10 and only bench press like 85 for 8 at a body weight of 135

        Absolute fucking moron right here bud

  13. 12 months ago


    SQ 180kg
    Deadlift 210kg
    Bench 120kg
    Press 80kg

    Can’t get my bench up for some reason. Might need to have a bench focused year.

    • 12 months ago

      i have similar numbers how long you been training these lifts?

    • 12 months ago

      Similar numbers but I'm a 85kg 1.7m manlet
      200 DL
      100ish bench
      75ish push press

  14. 12 months ago

    Started taking it seriously after a 3 year period where I let my body go to shit
    6 ft 1
    23 years old

    230 squat
    Can’t deadlift due to my current gym arrangement
    135 bench

  15. 12 months ago

    6 0
    little over 1 year lifting
    >deadlift 440lb
    >squat 380lb
    >bench 250lb
    >ohp i think 150

    progress feels slow as shit

  16. 12 months ago

    5'10" 176lbs, been lifting for 8 months

  17. 12 months ago

    Now post picture of your noodle arms lol epic squat bro lol

  18. 12 months ago

    2 months.
    5'7 62kg
    Squat > 65kg
    Deadlift > 85kg
    OHP > 37.5kg
    Bench > 50kg

  19. 12 months ago
    Shia LaBeouf

    5'11 at 175lbs
    Moderate weekly exercise for the last 8 years but only started getting serious about fitness, eating healthy and lifting 5-6 times a week about 8 months ago.
    Dead - 435lbs
    Squat - 335lbs
    Bench - 230lbs

    • 12 months ago
      Shia LaBeouf

      *Mistyped, body weight is 185.

    • 12 months ago
      Shia LaBeouf

      *Ammendment. Haven't tried to max bench in a month or so. Just hit 265.

  20. 12 months ago

    >3 years lifting
    >34 year old elderfag
    >Squat - 305lb
    >Deadlift - 385lb
    >OHP - 140lb
    >Bench - 235lb
    Took some time off of lifting heavy to get a 5k done, hit that goal and started trying to push maxes. I have my last peak of the year this week, going for 315 squat but probably won't attempt any PRs on the others as I haven't really felt that feel you get when you just KNOW you are about to blast a PR out.

  21. 12 months ago

    200 lbs

    Been lifting for about 6 months

    Squat 265 lbs
    Deadlift 305
    Bench 170
    OHP 115

    I’m doing Starting Strength. I started out really weak. I puked my first workout after deadlifting 125 for 5 reps…

  22. 12 months ago

    h-haha, four years of progress here on and off (fucking corona, acl reconstruction and then appendectomy)
    181cm, 76kg with around 20% bodyfat
    all for 1RM, gotta test them more
    squat 110kg
    deadlift 130kg
    bench 60kg
    ohp 40kg, can barely do three working weight sets before my lats and rear delts give out
    >how to increase my upper body lifts?
    >and what are good accessories for bench/ohp for hitting delts/chest with the main lifts

    • 12 months ago

      Some kind of row
      Incline db press
      Tricep cable extensions
      Make sure you get a good stretch

  23. 12 months ago

    squat 275 x 3
    bench 230 x5
    deadlift 225 x 5
    ohp 110 x 5

    • 12 months ago

      >bench higher than deadlift

      • 12 months ago

        what indeed
        should be 335 for 5

  24. 12 months ago

    I started 2 months ago
    5’11 180lb
    Squat- 0lb I don’t squat but I do leg press 3 plates
    Deadlift- 0lb no thank you
    OHP- meme
    Bench- 135lb

    • 12 months ago

      On the off chance this isn't bait:
      You haven't started yet if you don't do deadlifts, squats, and OHP

      • 12 months ago

        Fuck off, you can keep squatting till your ass is massive and deadlift till your lower spine is fucked and OHP press till your shoulder joint is torn I’m happy building an aesthetic body without risking permanent injury using machine and isolation workouts.

        • 12 months ago

          confirmed for not lifting

        • 12 months ago

          >OHP destroys your shoulder but benching is fine
          You have no idea how the shoulder works.

  25. 12 months ago

    5'6 132 lbs

    Squat -> 140lb x 5
    Deadlift -> 170lb x 5
    OHP -> 80lb x 5
    Bench -> 130lb x 5

    started 3 weeks ago..

    • 12 months ago

      my ohp is the same as yours but i can deadlift nearly 2x more than you, wonder how that works

  26. 12 months ago

    I don't lift.

  27. 12 months ago

    5'6, 152 lbs
    lifting for 1.5 year
    didn't try 1RM, here's my 3x5 weights:
    deadlift: 275 lbs
    squat: 232 lbs
    bench: 144 lbs
    ohp: 90 lbs

  28. 12 months ago

    lifting for 4 months or so; all 3x5
    Deadlifts: 100kg
    Squats: 87,5kg
    Bench: 65kg
    OHP: 45kg

    should i just neck myself?

  29. 12 months ago

    5'9 180lbs, 6 months

    All for 5 reps
    Squat - 250lbs
    Deadlift - 280lbs
    OHP - 115lbs
    Bench - 165lbs

    Not really ideal at all, my weight has remained a constant (give or take) 180lbs and that's not for lack of trying to gain a pound. "Eat more" is always simply until you get around to eating more.
    Bench is *hard* stuck. I nearly guillotined myself coming back from a break and now I'm worried I'm not stopping my sets despite probably being able to finish the reps, but still being unwilling to try.

  30. 12 months ago

    185cm 100kg 1 year calisthenics. but only 6 months doing the power lifts.

    ohp 85kg
    bench 120kg
    squat 170kg
    deadlift 220kg

    • 12 months ago


  31. 12 months ago

    Lifting ten years on and off.
    5'11", 230
    Squat - 511 x 5
    Diddy - 564 x 5
    Press - 232 x 3 but I do a rippletits-style press and allow significant layback
    BP - 265 x 5, my worst lift by far
    Power clean - 342 x 1

    My only real goal right now is benching 3pl8 x 5, but I have shoulder issues so I don't know if it's ever gonna happen. A 300 kg dl would be a nice too, but I'm close to that if not already there

    • 12 months ago

      8 years
      5'9 260
      Squat: 515
      Deadlift: 545
      Ohp: 225
      Bench: 410

      Man, your bench is fucking garbage

  32. 12 months ago

    It's not much. But it's honest work. Going for 1 year, very amateurish.
    Bench 80kg
    Ovh 50kg
    Dead 120kg

  33. 12 months ago

    i'd like to see the form on some of you guys saying you can squat 3pl8 and deadlift 4pl8 within 6 months of lifting

    • 12 months ago

      that's not really unbelieavable dude. a lot of guys can squat 2pl8 out of the gate and if you're adding 5 lbs each week you'd get to 3 pl8 in in like 5 months

      • 12 months ago

        retard dyel that doesn't understand linear progression, stress/adaptation, or eating more than 300 calories above maintenance detected

        i remember getting shit on as a liar for saying i squatted 275 after 6 months of training

        • 12 months ago

          You got trolled son. Or they thought you meant kgs because they are stupid europoors

        • 12 months ago

          I squatted 4pl8 x 5 on SS after 7-8 months, but I never bring it up anymore because I just get LARPING homosexual
          If you literally just do the math of squatting 3x a week and adding 5 lbs each time, it's easy to see it's very possible.

        • 12 months ago

          you were getting trolled or just attacked by some retarded dyel

        • 12 months ago

          tons of retards think squat going up fast is impossible but you'll see its fairly common. like others said, either trolls or peope who dont even lift

    • 12 months ago

      squat and deadlift are very compound lifts. if you're bulking they go up really easy

    • 12 months ago

      3pl8 is easy to achieve within 6 months for the squat. 4pl8 deadlift is hard imo.

    • 12 months ago

      retard dyel that doesn't understand linear progression, stress/adaptation, or eating more than 300 calories above maintenance detected

  34. 12 months ago

    dumbbell ohp 3 x 5 75lbs
    weighted pull up 3 x 4 22.5lbs
    weighted dip 3 x 11 25lbs
    dumbbell row 3 x 12 75lbs
    dumbbell split squat 3x5 50lbs
    dumbbell rdl 3 x 15 75lbs (only have up to 75 rn)

    (am not a mutt but my dumbbells are from america)

    • 12 months ago

      dip 35lbs*

  35. 12 months ago

    Started properly about 6 months ago.

    178 103
    Squat: 3 x 7 x 85 (3x12 then increase weight by 5). ATG high bar
    DL: 3 x 8 x 115 (3 x 9 then increase weight by 5)
    OHP: 3 x 6 x 50 (3 x 12 then increase weight by 5)
    Bench: 3 x 8 x 90 ( 3 x 10 then increase weight by 5)
    Leg press: 3 x 9 x 300. About 45 degress so about 210 actual weight. Increase by 10 next time

    My back is really weak from having had a desk job for the past 5 years

    • 12 months ago

      >My back is really weak from having had a desk job for the past 5 years
      Which should now be irrelevant because you've been lifting for 6 months and the stress-adaptation cycle at your level is sufficiently short. You're just stupid and don't know how to train nor eat.

      • 12 months ago

        Idk man not that anon but, I feel like back strength is either something you got or you don’t. All my lifts are progressing well except my deadlift. My tailbone always hurts like a bitch and I get poor recovery from it.

        • 12 months ago

          >I feel like back strength is either something you got or you don’t.
          Correct. And if you don't have it, you can subject yourself to the right stressors and recovery environment to obtain it.

      • 12 months ago

        Neurological adaptions != physiological adaptions

        • 12 months ago

          Neurological adaptions are physiological you absolute moron and they're part of the response to the same stressors as what you think of as "physiological".

  36. 12 months ago

    SwoleShack be like
    >yeah ive been going to the gym for two weeks and am now repping 400 on the bench, 800 for squats and 8 plates for deadlifts, its totally normal and everyone else is a dyel LULZ

    • 12 months ago

      bodyweight beats test levels, roids, muscle building genes. manlets have to cope with this. some of my lifts are elite tier for a man 20-30kgs lighter and are not even impressive for my weight class

  37. 12 months ago

    >6’0 230lb
    >Squat - 295lb
    >Deadlift - 460lbs
    >OHP - 170lb
    >Bench - 260lbs

    • 12 months ago

      wrong height and weight: 5'8.5 and 183lbs

  38. 12 months ago

    Lifting about a year now
    6'6 225
    Squat 315 for 10
    Dead 405 for 10
    Bench 225 for 11
    Ohp 135 for 9
    Pull up 9
    I was eating doodoo up until about 2 months ago and I'm seeing much better results now. I just love food so much bros:(

  39. 12 months ago

    Squat - don’t squat
    Deadlift - don’t deadlift
    OHP - just started doing this. The most I did was 125
    Bench - don’t bench

  40. 12 months ago

    6"3' 260lb (used to be 425, thanks SwoleShack.)

    Squat: 265
    Deadlift: 500
    Bench: 215
    OHP: Setting my pb tonight, wish me luck frens.

    I only started working out for the past year, great deadlift, wanna get better at squat but focusing on form and with bench Im trying to.improve but plateau is hitting hard, just pushing through it at the moment.

  41. 12 months ago

    6 months, these are all 1rm

    Squat: 215 (started a week ago )
    Deadlift: 335 (also don’t do often)
    Overhead press: 125
    Bench: 205 (normally do DB with 80s for 3)
    I know I’m weak

    • 12 months ago

      5’11 200 btw

    • 12 months ago

      i think these are reasonable 6 month numbers for someone starting from nothing

  42. 12 months ago

    5’9.75” and 158 lbs 31 years old
    Lifting for 2 years
    Bench: 190 lbs x 5
    Squat: 275lbs x 5
    OHP: 120 lbs x 5

    Don’t deadlift because I snapped my shit up, but I was at 250lbs when I stopped

  43. 12 months ago

    One year.
    183 cm 230 lbs/ ~108 kg

    Squat - 175 kg
    Deadlift - 220 kg
    Overhead press 100 kg or 2pl8
    Bench - 3pl8 for two

    Soon I'll have the 4pl8 squat and then I can finally cut in peace.

    • 12 months ago

      how do you program your bench and ohp?

      • 12 months ago

        Honestly when I did my 2pl8 OHP I hadn't really practiced it at all. I focused more on bench but more importantly incline bench! Incline bench is very shoulder demanding and in practice you're doing the Olympic press, only seated.

        Other things I've done is to do seated barbell OHP, easier to overload. But the actual lift itself I have done minimal volume of. Get a lifting belt and use it for the lift, it helps a ton, and if it's allowed for squats and deads, why not ohp?

        For bench the secret is basically doing all of your reps paused and progressing in more difficult variants like close grip. In fact I kinda think close grip should be the default training grip. But it also depends on your weaknesses

        • 12 months ago

          is close grip considered the same grip you'd use for dips and ohp? i feel my bench is strongest at this little over shoulder width grip

          • 12 months ago

            It is usually about OHP grip, maybe a hair wider. Really, it's the closest grip you can without flaring your elbows at the bottom position. If that's a little over shoulder width, then that's what it is. If you can get closer, do it, since the point isn't really to take the strongest grip possible. If it were, you'd just be doing a regular bench press instead.

          • 12 months ago


            It is usually about OHP grip, maybe a hair wider. Really, it's the closest grip you can without flaring your elbows at the bottom position. If that's a little over shoulder width, then that's what it is. If you can get closer, do it, since the point isn't really to take the strongest grip possible. If it were, you'd just be doing a regular bench press instead.


            But yeah close grip isn't mandatory, but as a rule of thumb whenever you progress in a more difficult variant or accessory your strongest grip/position/variant will go up as well.

            If you want just strength gains then pause bench is king. Touch t-shirt, hover for a three count, then up.
            I suggest doing 4-5 sets of 5, typical powerlifter stuff.

            Another very easy thing to do is to just add reps to your 8 rep max. So make it a 9 rep max, and keep grinding this until you get 12. Then you progress the weight by about 12 lbs and repeat. This is a lot easier and more fun imo, You WILL get stronger and more jacked.

            • 12 months ago

              All in all what works for almost all lifts are:
              Pausing reps, increasing reps, increasing sets or bringing a more difficult variant up to par.

              If nothing works then more calories are foolproof

            • 12 months ago

              Personally I prefer close grip as a first accessory when diagnosing a bench problem, because if a guy has no literally no idea what the problem is it's probably the triceps and if it wasn't well hey they at least good some good tricep and stabiliser work out of the deal. Good carryover to the press, even if that wasn't actually the point.
              Small thing, pausing is still the best bench-specific thing to do, as you've said.

  44. 12 months ago

    How is your deadlift soooo close to your squat?

    Usually the deadlift should dwarf the squat

    • 12 months ago

      My back is weak as fuck. Im one of those office worker types that gets homes and plays video games, repeat.

  45. 12 months ago

    9 months.

    5'11 204 lbs

    Bench: 90lbs dumbbells x3

    OHP: 120 lbs x3

    Pull up: 12 unweighted / +70lbs for 3

    Stopped doing squat and deadlift after 7 months because of my worsen hemorrhoid, now I only do cardio for leg.

  46. 12 months ago

    6'0 - 210lbs
    Deadlift - 315
    Squat - 225
    Bench - 245
    OHP - 135

    I don't push squats because of knee injuries.

  47. 12 months ago

    5'9 71kg been lifting over 12mo

    OHP: 40kg
    Bench: 50kg
    Squat: 65kg
    Diddle: 70kg

    In my defence I was 55kg when I started and couldn't lift the bar for most lifts

    • 12 months ago

      no excuses you should be deadlifting 10 plates by now

    • 12 months ago

      >not 60kg squat
      AAAAAH you ruined it

  48. 12 months ago


    • 12 months ago

      You mean you're a permabulker?

      Still goddamn

  49. 12 months ago

    5'10" 177lbs; 16% bf

    1yr 9mo

    Touch and go Bench - 235lb
    ATG Squat - 350lb
    Conventional Deadlift - 385lb

  50. 12 months ago

    6'4", 235 (250 original) 6~months in.
    Ohp 120
    Bench 220
    DL 360
    Squat 230
    Shoulder impingement is holding me back for sure on my bench. I just fucking hate squatting.

    • 12 months ago

      We are very similar.

      6'6 230lbs at about 3 months or so of consistent work.

      OHP 135
      Bench 200
      DL 360
      Squat 220

  51. 12 months ago

    5'7 170 lbs
    Lifting for 4 moths
    These are all 1RM
    OHP: 120 lbs
    Bench: 200 lbs
    Squat: 230 lbs
    Deadlift: 365 lbs

    I'm doing Greyskull LP right now but thinking about switching to something different, my begginer gains are starting to end.

  52. 12 months ago

    squat 110
    bench 180
    barely started taking this shit serious

  53. 12 months ago

    5'10 185 lbs

    bench - 275
    Squat - 365
    Deadlift - 345
    OHP - 170

    Been lifting like 10 yrs and know my lifts aren't that impressive but I'm happy with them. I mainly train hypertrophy now and don't go insanely heavy since I have a full time physical job 5-6 days a week.

  54. 12 months ago

    5'8" 175lb
    Few months of training
    Squat -200lb
    Deadlift - 265lb
    OHP - 120lb
    Bench - 165lb
    Might could squat more but I cant get comfortable with that much weight on my back

  55. 12 months ago

    I've been lifting for about a month
    173 cm height, around 59 kg weight
    Deadlift - 35 kg
    Squat - 30 kg
    OHP - around 5 KG Can't remember exactly
    Bench - 10 KG (afraid of failing a rep so I don't experiment much)
    I Think it's decent and by reading this thread I'm kinda relieved about my progress, still hoping I'll be able to squeeze out more on bench one day

  56. 12 months ago

    Started lifting 4 months ago

    6'4" 320lbs

    Squat - 225lb / Hacksquat - 270
    Deadlift - 285lb
    OHP - 135lb
    Bench - 135lb

    It is really hard for me to put on more weight without feeling out of balance for the squat.

    I need to lose more weight, I think. My target weight will be 260lb. I think I need a personal trainer. I kinda feel aimless and unmotivated. I just want to stick to something I can maintain.

  57. 12 months ago

    Have been lifting on and off since I was 19. Currently 30 and natty. 5'10 and 220.
    Squat 515 x 3
    Deadlift 550 x 5
    Bench 365 x 3, 315 x 10
    Overhead Press 225 x 3 ( I don't overhead press)
    Incline Bench 315 x 3

  58. 12 months ago

    5'5, 190lbs

    Squat 135
    Deadlift 135
    Bench 135
    I don't know what a OHP is

  59. 12 months ago

    5'9" 165lbs
    Squat 385lbs
    Diddly 470lbs
    Bench 290lbs
    OHP 175lbs
    On a decent upward trend as of late adding 5lbs to everything every week

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