8 health benefits of diffused essential oils

People who use aromatherapy know that essential oils are an important part because they improve our mood and brain function. The oils give off a beautiful smell and provide great health benefits.

Diffusing essential oils into the air makes you inhale their molecules, and the nerves send signals to the brain to stimulate specific systems in the body.

Below we offer you a list of potential health benefits of using essential oils in your home.

1. Improve the immune system

Using cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oils to diffuse in your home improves your immune system, and your body is more capable of fighting many infections.

In one study in France, only 4 out of 201 colonized microbes survived after fighting essential oils for an hour. You just need to pour five to ten drops of the oils in a diffuser with water and switch it on.

2. Purify the air

When you use essential oils in your home, you purify the air because they raise the levels of oxygen, kill off the mold germs, destroy chemicals, and increase the levels of negative ions and ozone. And, of course, your home gets a nice scent.

3. Better sleep

According to a study from 2014 when you mix valerian and other essential oils, you help calm your mind and sleep better.

One more study revealed that when you make a combination of lavender and other essential oils your blood pressure gets lower, and the production of stress hormones is controlled. So, you can easily fall asleep and have a good rest.

4. Lower stress and relax

Using essential oils helps you relax. The molecules reduced from the essential oils go through the cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier, and they get to the center of the brain.

When they reach the hypothalamus, they lower the stress and get you in a better mood. Also, your energy levels are higher, and you feel more relaxed.

If you want to make yourself, a stronger stress reliever makes a mixture of five drops of lavender essential oil, three drops of ylang-ylang, as well as a few drops of bergamot oil.

5. Control your cravings

Science says that the sense of smell is associated with our appetite. The smell makes you feel satiated even before your stomach does. Since essential oils can get to the hypothalamus, they can control your cravings and satiety.

6. Decrease chest congestion

Professionals suggest a mixture of lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oil if you have blocked and inflamed airways. These oils are great for treating asthma as well as other respiratory issues.

7. Increase creativity

Using essential oils besides making you relaxed, they improve your motivation, and you become more creative. You can use oils with scents of lemon, frankincense, jasmine, bergamot, and citrus fresh.

8. Increase confidence

For a better self-confidence and braveness, you can use essential oils with scents of grapefruit, jasmine, cypress, and orange.

Here is a list of some other reasons why you should use essential oil besides the reasons above:

  • Get rid of bad smells
  • A nice atmosphere
  • Relaxed and high functioning working atmosphere
  • Comfort to kids and pets
  • Air freshener with no chemicals
  • Get in a mood for intimacy
  • Help your pets deal with fireworks or new guests because they may feel stressed

How to diffuse essential oils

The best diffusers are the ones that use cold water. Even though there are different diffusers, you should not apply heat to essential oils, and that means that your wax warmers are not diffusers. They are devices that create a pleasant smell, and they need synthetic scents.

On the other hand, essential oils are delicate, and if you heat them, you destroy their effectiveness. In fact, there are two rules in diffusing essential oils:

  1. They must be therapeutic-grade.
  2. They must NOT be heated.

Quality matters: Using regular essential oils bought from a store give off just smell, there are no benefits. They may also be harmful because of the chemicals they contain. Use only essential oils of high quality.

How to clean your diffuser

Cleaning the diffuser is simple, and it can be done in several minutes. You can read the instructions that come with your diffuser, or you can watch the video below.

We recommend you to clean the diffuser at least once or twice a month. If you do not have a diffuser, you can still use essential oils on your hands.

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