7 reasons our grandparents didn’t have food allergies—but we do

Food allergies are seemingly worsening all the time, with children becoming frailer than each preceding generation. In other words, our grandparents didn’t have many food allergies, while we have them aplenty. Let's explore some of the reasons for this.

#1. They ate seasonal real food

In the 1900s, the food was fresh and preservative-free as it came from farms and small markets. Their diets were abundant in nutrients due to the lack of processed foods, allowing them to get the most of the food they consume. Needless to say, babies were fed on breast milk.

#2. They didn’t play games with their body and metabolism. They ate food when food was available

Given the fact that marketing didn’t exist back then, our grandparents were not victims of the food marketing, calorie counting, fad diets, and other harmful dietary habits. They ate based on their needs and cravings, which allowed them to have a healthy metabolism.

#3. They cooked food at home, using traditional preparation methods from scratch

Eating out was considered luxury and buying processed food was definitely not an option! Our grandparents cooked home at home, using traditional and healthy methods.

#4. They didn’t consume our level of artificial food additives, stabilizers and thickeners

Back in the 1900s, food was not treated with as much in the way of artificial ingredients like hormones, stabilizer, antibiotics, or food additives.

#5. They ate the whole animal, including mineral rich bone broths and organ meats

Organ meats were often present at the table and animal bones were made into delicious broth and soups. They ate the whole animal and appreciated these foods for their medicinal properties.

#6. Doctor visits were saved for accidental injuries and life threatening illness

The food they consumed was their main medicine! They trusted the natural healing process of the body and whenever they had a fever or flu, addressed them by eating soup and broths. The doctor visits were rare and only in cases of an emergency. They didn't go to the doctor to ask for another prescription whenever something felt a little off.

#7. They spent lots of time outside

Ultimately, our grandparents used to spend a lot of time outside. Instead of staying inside, as we do, they were playing outside, riding a bike, swaying on the swing-sets, etc.

And what do these things have to do with food allergies?

Every cell in our body is affected by nutrition and cells' health heavily depends on our diet and lifestyle. Given the fact that cells create tissues, tissues crate organs, and organs create a system of organs, poor nutrition affects the whole body and the overall health suffers.

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