Bodyweight squats

Do bodyweight squats even do anything? Is it just a waste of time to do them?
I wish I could go to the gym and squat heavy weights, but I can't afford a gym membership at the moment (poorfag, thirdworld shithole, etc)

I just want to get a nice ass, man. Having a Hank Hill ass sucks

  1. 11 months ago

    Also, should I do them everyday? How much?

  2. 11 months ago

    you can always do pistol squats and bulgarian squats

    • 11 months ago

      Is there any full bodyweight routine for legs and ass? All I see are unsorted exercises, but never something more organized and that tells you exactly what to do

    • 11 months ago

      pistol squats take too long to learn

  3. 11 months ago

    Yeah man, body weight squats wont put a ton of mass on your legs, but it will help you immensely with obtaining perfect form and ROM. You may even be able to obtain a depth you've never had.

    If you don't have equipment at home, try doing RDLs with a heavy box or a big rock or some shit. That should give a little bit of mass to your hammies and ass.

  4. 11 months ago

    If you want a nice ass bodyweight squats alone won't do much. If you really have no equipment, do a ton of lunges, followed by a ton of hip thrusts, and really squeeze and hold at the top, then finish it off with bodyweight squats until your legs are about to cave in. That little routine should give you some gains at least.

    But seriously you can't be so poor that you can't afford a set of dumbbells at least, it would help you out tremendously.

    • 11 months ago

      >But seriously you can't be so poor that you can't afford a set of dumbbells at least, it would help you out tremendously.
      Whenever I read someone post some variation of "I'm too poor to afford what I could could buy after only a week of working even a minimum wage job," what I'm actually seeing is "I'm too young to post on SwoleShack and I'm not out of school yet."

      • 11 months ago

        you do realise you can use pretty much whatever for weights? get a 5 litre water jug and fill it with sand and bam - now you can do goblet squats

  5. 11 months ago

    >Do bodyweight squats even do anything?
    >Is it just a waste of time to do them?
    No. Even if you can do 100 of them, it's still good cardio and conditioning if you do them fast enough.
    >I wish I could go to the gym and squat heavy weights
    If strength is your one and only goal, you can do one-legged exercises. You will be gaining strength up until you can do 35 of them consecutively. Pic is what I do for a leg workout - I only use the leg on the box to push myself up and let myself back down, but I don't let the other foot touch the ground after I get started.

    • 11 months ago

      youre squatting with the one leg on the ground?

      • 11 months ago

        Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

        • 11 months ago

          oh no. congrats on winning yet another fake gay argument that nobody started on the internet. go zoomers!

  6. 11 months ago

    Are you too poor to find a big rock?

  7. 11 months ago

    >Does exercise do anything?

  8. 11 months ago

    I have weights at home but cannot get a rack right now. I'm doing RDL for hams but I'm not sure what to do for quads. Goblet squats seems too boring.

  9. 11 months ago

    Only homosexuals shill weighted squats.
    Body weight is great for squat, going full rom every single time? really focusing on the workout opposed to meme big number.
    I'd add in lunges to get a good flex or stair case/step ups, but man you really don't need weighted squats. fucking meme and it's just going to make your ass look even bigger if you do deadlifts also.
    Huge difference between a defined muscular ass and just trying to make your self look like a homosexual. There is a reason SS makes every single person who does it look retarded. It's not aesthetic at all.

  10. 11 months ago

    Squat pattern
    >bulgarian split squats, 3 count pause at the bottom (0 to 3 in your head not 1 to 3)
    >ATG split squats (elevate front foot if you're not flexible enough yet/knees aren't strong enough yet)
    >pistol squats
    Quad iso
    >sissy squat/reverse nordic (ease into these very slowly to avoid patellar tendonitis, HIGHLY recommend doing these with slow eccentric and pauses)
    Hinge pattern + glute iso
    >lmao tough luck you'll need weights, best you can do are 3 count pause single leg rdls and hip thrusts for very high reps with weights from everyday items. Go for max stretch on the rdls to minimize weight needed.
    Hamstring iso
    >nordic curls, pretty much infinite progression with these
    Adductor iso
    >tailor's pose, put weight on your knees, hold the bottom position for a 3 count before going back up, hold for 10 seconds after the last rep
    Hip flexor iso
    Calves iso
    >3 count pause single leg calf raises, keep your leg straight and pull yourself deeper at the bottom with your tibialis anterior, hold the bottom for 10 seconds instead of 3 after the last rep
    >KOT calf raises, funky movement but it's the only good soleus movement that you can do at home
    >wall tibialis raises

    All of the above require no weight for quite awhile, and even when you tap them out at 30 reps (going beyond 30 reps yields inferior hypertrophy results) you can start adding weight using everyday items (books/water bottles in backpack etc). Highly recommend using slow eccentrics and pauses in the bottom on all of these with minimal rest at lockout to minimize the amount of reps you can do so you can milk them out for longer. Is this optimal? No, but it's the best you can do at home, and you probably will get decent results with these, which is better than nothing.

    • 11 months ago

      Also forgot to mention that there is one main issue with this and that is the fact that your lower back will be extremely underdeveloped since all these movements don't load/minimally load the spine and therefore erectors, so be careful with this.

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