4 ancient pieces of Japanese wisdom for staying slim and healthy

Every culture has its own rules and tips on how to stay healthy. The Japanese follow these 4 essential rules.

#1. If you eat like a sumo wrestler, you will look like a sumo wrestler

Sumo wrestlers don’t eat breakfast as they start with their intense training right after waking up. However, they have a big lunch in the afternoon, which is followed by going to bed. They usually have two gigantic meals, two times daily. In other words, regardless of how much you exercise, if you eat a lot, you are going to gain weight. Basically, if you eat large portions or consume junk food, this will prevail over the time you work out. Therefore, make sure you eat balanced diet, exercise regularly, and follow good sleep patterns.

#2. Warmth is life

The food is basically an energy we consume to survive. Fruits and veggies which grow in the summer cool the body, allowing it to adjust to the summer heat. On the other hand, the foods which grow in the winter are higher in calories and keep our bodies warm during the cold, winter days. Even though raw fruits, veggies, and greens are very important when it comes to a healthy diet, the body still needs warmer foods once in a while. Therefore, you should eat a nutritious diet to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs.Avoid Drinking Liquids

#3. During your meal

Most Japanese don’t drink water or any other type of liquid during their meal, believing that this negatively affects digestion. The explanation behind this is that liquid cools the body and takes away the warmth of the body. According to some scientists, water neutralizes the stomach acid, which in turn forces the body to spend more energy to finish the digestion. You can supply your body with liquid through food as well, such as fruits, veggies, and soups.

#4. A hot bath prolongs yourlife

A hot bath is extremely beneficial, as it improves the blood circulation, relaxes the body, and it reduces stress. Many people in Japan claim that taking a hot bath regularly improves digestion, cleanses the skin, and it prolongs life. 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit is believed to be the ideal temperature.

Americans believe that calories are the main cause of weight loss or weight gain, so most of the aforementioned ideas may seem unusual. However, if we take into consideration the World Health Organization`s report on the longest lifespan in which Japan came up on top, it seems that Japanese are doing it right.

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